The Basics Of Security Training

Security training is the training needed to become a security guard. It has become a very popular topic as there is an increasing demand for security positions in retail, entertainment and corporate markets to name just a few. This article takes a closer look at what is involved with this training and whether it might be right for you.

Not so long ago many market segments did not require their security to be properly trained and licences. But that has all changed. And if you want to work in the security industry in Ireland you must have undergone some type of formal training and obtain accreditation or a license.

This is why it is essential to get this training as it helps increase your employment possibilities. Many people can get their training paid for by their employer, many others will still be looking for work after training and this can help them open some doors to that first job. And even if you have undertaken your basic training it can really enhance your chances to have also done some further specialised training.

To begin the training, you will have to be at least 18 years of age and undergo a background check or more formally known as Garda vetting. The latter is designed to make sure do not have a violent criminal history that would preclude you from becoming a security guard.

This is a good requirement too considering that many security guards will be in positions of power and need to exhibit self control and restraint in many different situations.

Besides these initial standards, the training itself begins with some in class training. The amount of time that this is can vary but 8 hours is a good rule of thumb. This training will teach you about some of the basic responsibilities and ethics of being a security guard.

You will get this training from a trained professional who has worked in this field. You can expect to hear some lectures, be a part of some class discussions and even be involved in some role playing in this training.

All this training is based on a security guard training manual which you will need to have read and understand. You will take a test to ensure you have the appropriate comprehension of this manual.

After this in class training is complete, you will start your on the job training. If you already have an employer, you will need to complete this training typically within the first 6 months.

However, depending on the role you maybe required you to complete all of your training at a much faster pace than 6 months. For those who do not have an employer, they will be responsible for finding one and then meeting this requirement. After this on the job training is complete, you will have completed the training.

By keeping all these things in mind, you should have a better understanding of what security training is.