Retail Security Essentials

Those who work in the retail industry know that customer service is extremely important for repeat business and to give clients a pleasant experience. Many security officers are not trained in customer service and, quite frankly, are lacking in PR skills.

That’s why it’s extremely important that when hiring security staff or any retail operation that the officer’s customer service skills are tested before being hired. Even if you are a retail manager and hire a security guard company to assist you in finding appropriate guard staff it would benefit you greatly to interview all guard candidates yourself. Here are three questions that you should ask any guard applicant and why such questions are important to ask:

1) What kind of retail security experience do you have? If their experience is limited in terms of retail that does not necessarily mean they are not worth considering, but the more you know about their security background the better.

2) Do you mind being on your feet for long periods of time? Most retail security officers do not sit for long periods of time. Most, in fact, do not sit at all. You want to make sure that you are not hiring anyone who, physically, cannot handle or is not used to being on their feet for extended periods of time.

3) What do you feel are important qualities to have as a retail security officer? This will shed insight into their common sense, and overall retail security knowledge. Among the answers given, you want to make sure any potential retail guard applicant understands that being observant, alert, and polite are critical to not just their success, but the retail establishment as a whole.

Of course, there are many more relevant questions to ask. Also, one should keep in mind that every retail location will have different requirements as well.

For instance, a Dublin security guard working in the city centre may benefit a retailer if they are bilingual due to the large number of tourists along places like Henry and O’Connell Street or near Grafton street. It’s worthwhile to write down each store location and what it requires specifically in terms of security before appropriate guard applicants are chosen.

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