Secure Your Retail Store With These Security Tips

The objective for every business is to make a profit, with annual goals to increase profit margins whilst growing as a company. This is achieved through store expansion, product extension and more staff. It also means the risk of theft will be higher and the need for retail security services will be more likely.

Shrinkage costs due to theft costs retailers billions of euro every year so it is important to invest in reliable security systems for your business to avoid undue loss of profits. There are numerous procedures which could be applied in store to enforce security not make your premises an easy target to thieves. If your retail store is confined then there are a number of in-store security techniques available to you.

Locks: The most obvious security techniques out there. Don’t skimp on your locks as in the long run it could save you a lot of money. A no brainer when taking security measures into your own hands.

Security Cages/Wire Window Partition: Out of office hours the windows and doors should be boarded up with metal wire barriers. An ideal way to reduce the risk of late night burglary.

CCTV: Install security cameras to view the entrance/exit, hallways and over key areas in the store. i.e. where the expensive kit has been positioned.

Alarm: Install a motion detecting sensor alarm in your store so that if in the evening there is an intruder then you will be contacted with a call and the local police department will be notified that the alarm has been activated.

Mirrors: If your cash desk is based centrally then it should be advised to install a number of mirrors to view as much of the floor space as possible.

Television Monitoring: Have a number of monitors available to view the movement in store. One should be located at the cash desk and another in the coffee room or equivalent location.

Security Guards:Having a very obvious visual deterant like a security guard is one of the better ways to decrease theft and other issues arising from illegal activity. This can also includes plain clothes security.

These are all elements for smaller retail outlets, yet also advisable for the larger chains. It should be compulsory that these measures are dealt with first before investing in larger scale professional security services.